Trampoline Team

Summer Team Camp

We have sent out some new timings for the Junior Team Camp. we have had to move a couple of gymnasts and cancel a couple of sessions due to low numbers. Let us know if the timings are a problem for you and we will see what can be done. BBQ Tuesday at Quayside 1pm.

Future Dates

An updated list of dates for 2019 and 2020 is now available on the club website. Note for those competing in Spring Series or English Championship Events; do not enter if you have any holidays booked in the weeks running up to these events. The complexity of these routines is such that gymnasts are at risk of injury and require time to build back up after a break. We reserve the right to withdraw a gymnast from an event if we feel they are not ready or at risk of injury. Quayside always put the safety and long term performance of our team members first.

Team Break

Our scheduled Team Break is 29th July to the 10th August – there will be no normal team lessons during this time. You are not charged for this as you monthly payments are worked out with this closure built in.

Summer Hours

From 24th July to 2nd September inclusive we will be running on reduced hours. All Monday to Friday Classes will be 4:00-7:00 Saturday 9:00-12:00. Please attend classes on your normal days but at these times. If you see any problems with this let us know.

Future Dates

Club Competition – Quayside                        30th June 2019

Team Break                                                   29th July – 10th August 2019

Team Camp – Quayside                                3rd August – 6th August 2019

Summer Training Hours                                 24th July – 31st August (Mon-Fri 4.00-7.00 Sat 9.00-12.00)

2019 Season

*British Championships – Birmingham           28th/29th September 2019

*English Championships – Sheffield EIS        7th/8th September 2019

2020 Season

NDP1 – Bath                                                   27th October 2019            

South West Closed – Bath                              15th December 2019

NDP2 – Bath                                                   2nd February 2020

NDP3 – Bath                                                   1st March 2020

*Spring Series 1 – Telford                               21st March 2020

*South West Regional Q – Bath                     29th March 2020

*English Q1 – TBC                                         18th April 2020

*Spring Series 2 – Telford                              16th May 2020

*English Q2 – TBC                                          20th June 2020

*English Championships – Sheffield EIS       12th September 2020

*British Championships – TBC                       TBC 2020

*denotes entries is open selected team members and qualifiers.

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